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Rainforest Workbooks Special Offer

Special offer: download both Active Wild Rainforest Workbooks for a reduced price of only $4.97.

  • Printable rainforest workbooks
  • Clearly-presented information plus fun question & activity sections
  • PDF files – simply download and print
  • US letter / A4 size
  • Special price for both workbooks

In What Is A Rainforest? you’ll discover what a rainforest is and find out about features shared by all of the world's rainforests. You’ll also explore the different layers of a rainforest and meet rainforest animals and plants.

With several question and activity sections you’ll be able to put your new-found rainforest knowledge to the test!

Subjects Covered

  • Definition of a rainforest
  • Rainforest layers
  • Rainforest plants

In Rainforests Of The World, you're first introduced to the different types of rainforest. You'll then take a tour of the world's most famous rainforests, finding out where they are and which animals live in them.

Subjects Covered

  • Tropical vs temperate rainforests.
  • Where each type of rainforest is located
  • The Equator and the Tropics
  • Famous rainforests

Along with clear information and colorful pictures you’ll find entertaining questions and activities to ensure the facts are being absorbed!

Active Wild Rainforest Workbooks arrive as pdf files: order now and you’ll be exploring the world’s rainforests within minutes!

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Rainforest Workbooks Special Offer

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